Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Highland Home Camp

Yay I did my backhand spring,haha Millie you did it as well,
Keria get your splits down haha and Maddie I  love the turn
.I can hear the song ‘once I was 7 years old’. I wish I  could 
 see Keira,Maddie and Millie but I just see the soft,squishy
and lumpy carpet NOOOOOOOOOOO. I feel my legs whaking 
the ground, it feels like an earthquake.   Umm what's that
smell wait it’s  peaches from desert. I wish I could do this again.

Finally we got to the statue. I see Millie smiling 
at the camera hoping they will take the picture 
then they do.I feel tired even tho we only done
2 km.I hear people breathing heavily after we 
went down to see the slip.I smell the mud on 
my shoes that Millie's wearing.I can't wait to 
get to the end.

Noo I fell again this is so so so hard.
I see the red line but I can’t get passed it.
I feel tired from going up other climbing walls.
I hear people yelling yay I got up. I smell the
colourful foam when I fall in it's like a pit of marshmallows.

Finley we finished yay. I feel really
tired my legs are like jelly and it’s like the 
 jelly is breaking. I see cars coming back 
and forth to get people.I hear people
breathing heavily just like I am.I smell 
sweat from people. I can’t wait to go to bed.

When can we go river testing. I feel 
excited to go in the water so I can 
see different things like bugs and
how cold the water is. I hear the 
water running like a raped. I see
people coming back from the 
river . I smell insect repellent on everyone I can’t wait till
we can start.  

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sentence Types

Sentence Types  30/3/2016
Opener Sentence: Begins With

When we arrived,we all went to our cabins.

If you didn't have have shoes on, you weren't allowed to go in the dining room.

Before  we went home,we checked we had everything.
Because our group was talking,we were the last people to get our food

WALT: Write a sentence that has a serial pattern.

In the cabin it’s was already noisy,messy and stinky.

The caves where scary,cold and lots of fun.
Some of the food was yummy, or it was yuck and sometimes it’s was delicious.

The walk was tiring, hot and boring.

Interrupter sentence

We play on the tramp and then the  adults told us it’s dinner time hurry up!

When I was about to fall asleep Isabella started to cry!

We walked in the cave and Millie and me stop then the adults said keep moving!