Thursday, 24 September 2015

Optimist yachting quick right

We have been doing a quick right on optimist yachting and this is my quick right.

BOOM CRASH”DUCK KEIRA” said Zoe trying to move away from the rocks,
“watch out Zoe the rocks are right there quick” said Keira
“AHHHHHHHHHHH” said Zoe and Keira bumping into the rocks
“HELP HELP” said Zoe and Keira trying to get up but a huge wave comes.
Keira and Zoe fall into the water and float away but jump on the optimist yacht and Mia comes over to see if we are ok.
“Are you guys ok i saw you guys crash do you want to come in my boat?   
 ” where fine now and yes can we come in your boat?” said Zoe ,
“sure I won't mind” said Mia pulling Keira and Zoe into her boat.
Mia,Zoe and Keira all went back to the others and acted like it never happened.

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